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  • Why Do Boilers Leak?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 22, 2018

    Your boiler is an important part of your heating system especially with the harsh winters that we have in the greater Chicago area.  High quality boilers are designed to last for years; however, not boiler will last forever.  Furthermore, all boilers require regular maintenance and service to continue operating efficiently.  Because boilers use heated water to heat the home, many homeowners worry about leaks.  Boiler leaks can become a problem as boilers age; however, the skilled and experienced boiler technicians at 24 Heating and Cooling are trained to find and…

  • Upgrading your windows saves on energy costs

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 14, 2018

    As we face another bitter winter in Chicago, we all search for ways to cut our heating costs.  Contacting a Chicago duct cleaning service and scheduling HVAC service is one way of making sure that you are ready for the winter heating season. Having an energy efficient HVAC system is a way that you can reduce your heating costs this winter.  Sealing ducts, window and door frames and making sure that you have sufficient insulation are other ways to help reduce the cost of heating your home during the bitter…