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  • Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

    Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

    spradm Aug, 18, 2021

    Ordinarily, minor air conditioning issues can be handled with timely AC repairs. Like if your air conditioner makes unusual noises like banging or buzzing, this may be the result of a loose component of a clogged filter. Professional air conditioning services can take care of these issues. If you’re noticing strange odors emanating from your AC, like a burning or moldy smell, that may indicate you have a burnt fuse or mold growth. Air conditioning companies like 24H can replace the fuse and affected wires or provide a thorough cleaning…

  • Additional Heating Repair Costs

    Additional Heating Repair Costs


    When nearing the end of summer, it’s time to think about how to stay warm during the coldest months of the year. That means being diligent in cutting costs because according to Energy Star, the largest part of your utility bill is heating. But in trying to save, you may get confused by misinformation. You may have heard that you can conserve energy by closing the doors to rooms where heating is not needed, for example. This is unfortunately not true, and there are so many other falsehoods out there.…