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  • Understanding Boilers: How They Work and Why Regular Maintenance is Key

    Understanding Boilers: How They Work and Why Regular Maintenance is Key

    spradm Mar, 29, 2023

    Boilers are an essential component of many homes and businesses. They provide heat and hot water, making them an indispensable part of our daily lives. Despite their importance, boilers are often overlooked until they break down or fail to work properly. In this blog post, we'll explore what boilers are, how they work, and why regular maintenance is crucial for their proper functioning.   What are boilers? Boilers are heating systems that use water or steam to distribute heat throughout a building. They work by burning fuel, such as natural…

  • Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning

    Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning

    spradm Sep, 08, 2022

    It's important to know that the home you live in meets all safe and healthy standards. The way you can keep your home on the right track is by installing air conditioning. It may seem unnecessary, but there are many positives to having a properly functioning air conditioner in your home. Reducing High Humidity Having a home that is less humid keeps the place less humid, which is great for keeping mold and dust mites away from your home. Two health benefits are the ability to lower the chances of…

  • Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

    Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

    spradm Jul, 07, 2022

    If you discover water under your furnace, there's a good chance that it is caused by condensation and there is nothing to worry about. However, it's still a good idea to call in the furnace repair professionals to check in case there is an issue, which could develop into bigger heating repair problems later. Common Causes of a Leaky Furnace ​Condensation High-efficiency gas furnaces have 2 heat exchangers. Condensation is formed and if the condensate pipe is clogged or cracked this could result in liquid pooling under the furnace. This…

  • Best Ac Unit For Your Home!

    Best Ac Unit For Your Home!

    spradm Apr, 07, 2022

    There are so many choices if you want to install new, modern air conditioners, or replace older, existing ones. What do you need in terms of size, brand, power and efficiency? It is crucial to acquire advice and quotes from professional, reputable licensed HVAC companies. There are some things to also take into consideration. Do you intend to move in the near future? If the answer is no, then the better choice would be for you to invest in a good brand, high energy efficiency AC unit. They’re a little…

  • When Do You Require HVAC Maintenance?

    When Do You Require HVAC Maintenance?

    spradm Feb, 23, 2022

    HVAC maintenance should be performed twice per year by a professional HVAC contractor to ensure its efficient/effective operation. This keeps your home cool and lowers your energy expenses. A professional HVAC contractor trusts will discover necessary unit repair or breakdown risks and perform HVAC repair residents rely on before your HVAC unit quits, an advantage of consistent HVAC service. If you’ve ever lived through a Chicago summer with no AC, you know how crucial this is! Routine HVAC maintenance consists of: ·        Comprehensive cleaning of drains, elements,…

  • Keeping Your Heater Working All Winter – HVAC Service

    Keeping Your Heater Working All Winter – HVAC Service

    spradm Dec, 09, 2021

    As the temperature starts to get colder in Elmhurst, there are some things that you can do to keep your heater working all winter. Beyond replacing your old windows and increasing your home insulation, here are some things you can do to keep your home warm this winter season. HVAC Service - Filter Change One of the most common causes of heating trouble is not changing the filter. Homeowners should change the filter to prevent clogging and keep the heat from moving into your home by blocking the airflow. Not…

  • Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

    Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

    spradm Aug, 18, 2021

    Ordinarily, minor air conditioning issues can be handled with timely AC repairs. Like if your air conditioner makes unusual noises like banging or buzzing, this may be the result of a loose component of a clogged filter. Professional air conditioning services can take care of these issues. If you’re noticing strange odors emanating from your AC, like a burning or moldy smell, that may indicate you have a burnt fuse or mold growth. Air conditioning companies like 24H can replace the fuse and affected wires or provide a thorough cleaning…

  • Additional Heating Repair Costs

    Additional Heating Repair Costs


    When nearing the end of summer, it’s time to think about how to stay warm during the coldest months of the year. That means being diligent in cutting costs because according to Energy Star, the largest part of your utility bill is heating. But in trying to save, you may get confused by misinformation. You may have heard that you can conserve energy by closing the doors to rooms where heating is not needed, for example. This is unfortunately not true, and there are so many other falsehoods out there.…

  • When should you turn your furnace on for winter?

    When should you turn your furnace on for winter?

    spradm Nov, 20, 2020

    Winter is just around the corner. Furnace Service in Elmhurst recommends that you check on your furnace so it is in working order when that day arrives. The first thing to do is to see if it starts. By turning on your thermostat a few degrees higher than the current temperature in the room, you should hear the furnace kick-in. Next, check your filter. It is easy to take out and clean or replace with a new one. This should be done every three months and with pets in the…

  • How to avoid high heating bills this fall?

    How to avoid high heating bills this fall?

    spradm Oct, 14, 2020

      The cold season is here, and home heating bills can rise without you knowing it. There are different types of tips and tricks for you to save your monthly heating bills this season. We are one of the furnace companies in Elmhurst, Il, that will give you some advice on how to cope with low-cost tips during the cold season. First, you need to learn how to love socks. When your feet are cold, your whole body will feel cold, which can make you raise your furnace's temperature because…

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