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  • Why do you need to install a home humidifier in Chicago?

    Why do you need to install a home humidifier in Chicago?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 05, 2018

    Most people hate the humid summers that we can experience and are thankful when humidity levels and temperatures begin to drop. However, while dealing with high levels of humidity may be uncomfortable, having humidity levels that are too low can also cause as many health problems and comfort problems as high humidity does.  While small room humidifiers may take care of some of the problems, contacting the indoor air quality professions at 24 Heating and Cooling can help you take care of the problem once and for all. Installing a…

  • What Happens During A Routine Heat Pump Maintenance Call?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Mar, 28, 2018

    Heat pumps provide reliable and cost effective cooling and heating services all year long.  They are a high efficiency, energy-saving way to keep our homes in Chicago cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  No matter what the temperature may be outdoors, we can always count on our heat pump to keep us comfortable inside. However, as with any other type of home system, heat pumps must have regular maintenance in order to continue to perform at peak performance levels. Even though the temperatures are still mild, even…

  • Important Things to Know about Maintaining Your New Central Air Conditioning

    Important Things to Know about Maintaining Your New Central Air Conditioning

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Mar, 12, 2018

    So, you just had a new central air conditioning system installed in your home.  Hopefully the Chicago heating and cooling company you used as your contractor gave you instructions about the ongoing maintenance your new system needs.   Here at 24 Heating & Cooling we always do that, but some other companies might not.  Or, you might have received oral or written maintenance instructions, but now you’ve forgotten or lost them.  We want you to get the maximum benefit from your new system.  So just in case, here are a few…

  • Save Money by Installing a New Thermostat

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Mar, 01, 2018

    Wouldn’t you be thrilled if your utility bills were lower every month?   Of course you would!  Who doesn’t love to save a little money here and there – especially if the way to do it is easy? With another harsh Chicago winter coming soon, now’s a good time to talk about the benefits of installing a new thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system.  If you’re like most Chicago-area residents, your thermostat is probably the most overlooked part of your heating and air conditioning system.  You diligently change the…

  • Why Do Boilers Leak?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 22, 2018

    Your boiler is an important part of your heating system especially with the harsh winters that we have in the greater Chicago area.  High quality boilers are designed to last for years; however, not boiler will last forever.  Furthermore, all boilers require regular maintenance and service to continue operating efficiently.  Because boilers use heated water to heat the home, many homeowners worry about leaks.  Boiler leaks can become a problem as boilers age; however, the skilled and experienced boiler technicians at 24 Heating and Cooling are trained to find and…

  • Upgrading your windows saves on energy costs

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 14, 2018

    As we face another bitter winter in Chicago, we all search for ways to cut our heating costs.  Contacting a Chicago duct cleaning service and scheduling HVAC service is one way of making sure that you are ready for the winter heating season. Having an energy efficient HVAC system is a way that you can reduce your heating costs this winter.  Sealing ducts, window and door frames and making sure that you have sufficient insulation are other ways to help reduce the cost of heating your home during the bitter…

  • Choose a Replacement Air Conditioning System That’s The Right Size

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Jan, 16, 2018

    Sooner or later you’ll need to replace your air conditioning system, no matter how well or how often it’s been serviced and maintained.  It’s inevitable.  As time goes on, the components of your HVAC unit will fail more and more often.  Eventually it will make more sense to replace the system than it does to have your Chicago heating and cooling company continue to repair it. When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, a consultation about the right size for the replacement unit is one of the professional Chicago…

  • Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance for Safety and Savings

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Dec, 12, 2017

    We all know summer temps can get dangerously hot in Chicago.  When temperatures soar and we’re suffering through one of our heat waves (nowadays they’re almost inevitable, it seems), people will do almost anything to try to cool off.  Kids dash through lawn sprinklers, fire hydrants get opened up, fountains become cooling stations, and swimming pools get packed with people just trying to get a little relief. Regularly scheduled A/C maintenance is one of the best ways to stay safe and comfortably cool during dangerous summer heat.  That’s the most…

  • Control air leaks to save on energy costs

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Nov, 16, 2017

    You can have the best Chicago air conditioning system, call out a Chicago duct cleaning company and schedule routine Chicago HVAC service; however, if you have air leaks your home will still not be comfortable.  Even with the best heating and cooling system, a home cannot maintain a comfortable temperature if there are air leaks throughout the home.  The first step in correcting this problem is to determine where the air leaks are occurring throughout your home. To be thorough, hire a profession to perform a blower door test to…

  • How to reduce your summer cooling costs

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Oct, 03, 2017

    Chicago air conditioning is vital during the summer months; however, the cost of summer cooling can be expensive.  Nothing is more important during the summer than a working Chicago HVAC system.  It will keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures outside top 100 degrees.  However, there are ways you can reduce your cooling expenses during the summer to make staying comfortable more affordable. Landscaping – Planting trees and shrubs in your yard to shade your home can make a big difference in the temperature of your home during the hottest parts…

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