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  • Taking care of your heating and air duct system

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling May, 21, 2017

    If you find yourself calling a HVAC service on a regular basis because you have rooms that are either too cold or too hot, your utility bills seem to be too high for the temperature in your home or your home just never feels comfortable no matter what the thermostat says, it could be your duct work.  The daily 24 heating cooling of your home takes its toll on your duct system.  An improperly maintained duct system can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in wasted energy in addition…

  • How to Find a Good Air Conditioning Repair Company

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling May, 12, 2017

    Air-conditioning has now become a necessity especially in warm states.  Even in not-so-warm states, air conditions have been a necessity too. This is why more and more air conditioners are being produced depending on different uses such as home use, office use, and even in transportation purposes. With air conditions, it is more convenient and comfortable. Otherwise, it will be so warm and of course, unfavorable.  Basically, air conditioners make the warm weather bearable. They also make a cold winter warmer. It is never a pleasant feeling when your air conditioning…

  • Three Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Air Conditioning System

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 22, 2017

    When living in a hot, sticky and possibly humid environment, air conditioning is one of life’s luxuries which often seems like it should be a necessity. However, using your air conditioning system in an incorrect way can waste lots of money and can have an effect on you and your family’s health. Below are some top tips for getting the most out your air conditioning, without it taking the most out of your wallet and your health. Most climates have a large difference between hot and cold temperatures and as…

  • Tips to Help Your Furnace Run More Efficiently

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 10, 2017

    Along with a lot of other everyday expenses, home heating & air conditioning costs have risen to levels that are almost shockingly high.  These rapidly escalating expenses make it important to know how you can help your furnace run more efficiently. When you’re paying too much for home heating and you can’t or don’t want to replace your current furnace with a new high efficiency model, following these tips can help you lower your home heating costs by helping your furnace run more efficiently.  Although some are more effective than…

  • What Are These Things Called Heat Pumps?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 03, 2017

    You might have heard of them, but lots of folks don’t know what they are.  Basically, a heat pump heats and cools a home, doing away with separate furnace and air conditioner units.  Heat pumps are most common in the Deep South, but they’re also used up north. Would a heat pump be good for Chicago air conditioning and heating?  The short answer is “maybe.”  As mentioned above, heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool a building.  In some situations, a heat pump is better than using a separate…

  • Chicago’s Climate Means Reliable Heating and Cooling are Important

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 01, 2017

    Most people think Chicago’s a terrific place to live.  There’s so much to see and do here, who could get bored?  Sure, the traffic can get bad, and the climate’s pretty harsh, but most of the time they’re not that big of a deal. By sticking to side roads, you can avoid a lot of the traffic.  If your job doesn’t require it, you can also avoid driving during rush hour.  The worst of Chicago’s weather can be avoided too – our homes and cars are heated and air conditioned. …

  • What’s Up with Annual Furnace Service?

    spradm Mar, 28, 2017

    Most HVAC service providers recommend that homeowners and businesses get their furnaces checked and serviced at least once a year.  Some Chicago air conditioning and furnace contractors even call you up out of the blue to offer a special price on a furnace checkup. What’s up with this emphasis on annual furnace service?  Why is it a good idea even if you’re not having any problems? It all boils down to this:  annual furnace inspections, along with service and maintenance, are the best, easiest and least expensive way to ensure…

  • You Have a Right to Expect Good Service from Your HVAC Contractor

    spradm Jun, 29, 2013

    Whether you’re a homeowner or you’re in charge of the HVAC system where you work, you have a right to expect good service from your Chicago air conditioning and heating contractor.  That’s true no matter what type of HVAC service you’re having performed. You might have called the company because your heating and cooling system is due for its annual inspection, cleaning and maintenance.  Or, you might be having a problem with your system and think it needs to be repaired.  Maybe you even called because you want to replace…

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