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  • Warning Signs That You May Need a New Heat Pump

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Jun, 17, 2018

    It would be great if a heat pump would last indefinitely; however, due to the volume of work that a heat pump performs, inevitably you will need to replace your heat pump.  A heat pump works to take care of your comfort needs all year long by providing efficient heating during the winter and strong cooling during the summer.  Knowing the early warning signs that your heat pump is about to give out will help you avoid a situation where you are without heat or air conditioning when you need…

  • Common air conditioner problems

    Common air conditioner problems

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Jun, 15, 2018

    Nothing is worse during the summer than a Chicago air conditioning system that is not working.  No one wants to call for HVAC service; however, during the summer having a reliable Chicago cooling system is necessary to survive the long, hot days.  If you are in need of Chicago air conditioning repair, it will likely be caused by one of these common air conditioner problems. When your Bridgeview air conditioning unit is running constantly, try changing the air filter.  If this does not work, then call an air conditioner repair…

  • Green tips for staying cool this summer

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Jun, 01, 2018

    It gets hot in Chicago in the summer!  Anyone who lives in Chicago knows that you need reliable Chicago air conditioning to stay cool in the summer.  However, there are things that you can do at home this summer to save money on cooling costs.  In addition, these tips will also save energy and possibly save money on air condition services due to operating your air condition unit on maximum capacity each day. Simple ways to save money on cooling your home If you live in an older home, you…

  • Summer air conditioning for the elderly

    Summer air conditioning for the elderly

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling May, 12, 2018

    If you live in Chicago, you know how important Chicago air conditioning is during the hot summer months.  Having reliable HVAC service during the summer months is very important when you live in an area that can experience extreme temperatures.  However, it is even more important for those who are more susceptible to heat strokes such as the elderly. The elderly in Chicago depend on their Chicago cooling unit to keep their homes cool during the summer months when temperatures can reach unbearable levels for the elderly.  The elderly are…

  • Taking Care of Your Heating and Air Duct System

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Apr, 29, 2018

    As we are approaching the end of summer, it is the perfect time to schedule an inspection of your duct systems.  Most homeowners forget that their ductwork needs to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain good air quality in your home as well as keep your heating and cooling system operating efficiently.  24 Heating and Cooling specializes in duct cleaning, inspection, installation and repair.  We can handle all of your duct work needs to make sure that your ductwork is in the best condition possible for…

  • What Happens During A Routine Heat Pump Maintenance Call?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Mar, 28, 2018

    Heat pumps provide reliable and cost effective cooling and heating services all year long.  They are a high efficiency, energy-saving way to keep our homes in Chicago cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  No matter what the temperature may be outdoors, we can always count on our heat pump to keep us comfortable inside. However, as with any other type of home system, heat pumps must have regular maintenance in order to continue to perform at peak performance levels. Even though the temperatures are still mild, even…

  • Save Money by Installing a New Thermostat

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Mar, 01, 2018

    Wouldn’t you be thrilled if your utility bills were lower every month?   Of course you would!  Who doesn’t love to save a little money here and there – especially if the way to do it is easy? With another harsh Chicago winter coming soon, now’s a good time to talk about the benefits of installing a new thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system.  If you’re like most Chicago-area residents, your thermostat is probably the most overlooked part of your heating and air conditioning system.  You diligently change the…

  • Why Do Boilers Leak?

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 22, 2018

    Your boiler is an important part of your heating system especially with the harsh winters that we have in the greater Chicago area.  High quality boilers are designed to last for years; however, not boiler will last forever.  Furthermore, all boilers require regular maintenance and service to continue operating efficiently.  Because boilers use heated water to heat the home, many homeowners worry about leaks.  Boiler leaks can become a problem as boilers age; however, the skilled and experienced boiler technicians at 24 Heating and Cooling are trained to find and…

  • Upgrading your windows saves on energy costs

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Feb, 14, 2018

    As we face another bitter winter in Chicago, we all search for ways to cut our heating costs.  Contacting a Chicago duct cleaning service and scheduling HVAC service is one way of making sure that you are ready for the winter heating season. Having an energy efficient HVAC system is a way that you can reduce your heating costs this winter.  Sealing ducts, window and door frames and making sure that you have sufficient insulation are other ways to help reduce the cost of heating your home during the bitter…

  • Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance for Safety and Savings

    Jon from 24 Heating Cooling Dec, 12, 2017

    We all know summer temps can get dangerously hot in Chicago.  When temperatures soar and we’re suffering through one of our heat waves (nowadays they’re almost inevitable, it seems), people will do almost anything to try to cool off.  Kids dash through lawn sprinklers, fire hydrants get opened up, fountains become cooling stations, and swimming pools get packed with people just trying to get a little relief. Regularly scheduled A/C maintenance is one of the best ways to stay safe and comfortably cool during dangerous summer heat.  That’s the most…

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