| Feb, 23, 2022 |
hvac repair Chicago

HVAC maintenance should be performed twice per year by a professional HVAC contractor to ensure its efficient/effective operation. This keeps your home cool and lowers your energy expenses.

A professional HVAC contractor trusts will discover necessary unit repair or breakdown risks and perform HVAC repair residents rely on before your HVAC unit quits, an advantage of consistent HVAC service. If you’ve ever lived through a Chicago summer with no AC, you know how crucial this is!

Routine HVAC maintenance consists of:

·        Comprehensive cleaning of drains, elements, and coils

·        Inspection of thermostat function, motor operations, and connections

·        Refrigerant pressure monitoring

·        Safety controls testing

·        Lubrication of moving parts

These are a handful of routine steps in HVAC maintenance or HVAC installation that will extend your heating and cooling system’s life and reduce expensive repairs. At Quality Comfort Services, Inc, a leader among HVAC companies loves, we offer numerous heating and cooling services in Chicago through our maintenance agreement. For more info, give us a call (708) 229-2293/ (773) 936-5951 or fill in our contact form now!